Sunday, May 10, 2009

long time!

Now that exams and the month or so leading up to them are all finally over, I have time to relax a little bit, and maybe write on some of the things I've come across since last I posted.

Acquired recently from a local thrift store and left sitting on the floor in the last month as things cluttered up from the projects and studying we've both been working on - discovered a few days ago as we therapeutically cleaned everything that had amassed. Currently occupying the center of a thrifted McCobb knockoff (but vintage) coffee table.

AJ's Mom's old hair dryer - though I haven't observed it yet, I'm convinced AJ takes naps in this thing. It works, and is original from a very long time ago. Accompanying it are some luckily acquired and incredibly intact bowling shoes from yesteryear.

And last but not least, for this post, because it's late and I'm tired, is the recently acquired set of hairpin legs for an upcoming project (bed? couch? record bench? who knows). I apologize for the quality of this picture - it's from my phone, as many of the pictures on this publication are, and it will continue to be a significant source for them until I get an awesome camera. Under the hairpin legs is an oh so coincidentally placed copy of atomic ranch... you should really check it out, there are great stories, ideas, and perhaps most importantly, vendors for new, reproduction, and vintage items that you're guaranteed to be interested in if you've read this far.


  1. A) all are my finds!
    B) i think needs a plug

  2. C) i do not sleep in it, i TIME TRAVEL in it! didn't you read the front of it?