Thursday, May 21, 2009

miniature excitement for a small price

Before my project, and to both brainstorm for it and satisfy my online shopping urges, I bought miniature pieces of furniture for around $12 on ebay from a vendor in Hong Kong. 

This credenza is... a dream. I joked to a co-worker that I could maybe, given extraordinary time and effort, construct an accurate, functional, and life-sized likeness using a new phonograph, but I'm sure it won't happen anytime soon if it does.

The TV is also very cool - when I move into a place with more space, like a house, I imagine the furniture that goes in there will be a bit more like this - more space suggests an attempt to fill it, rather than create it. The little cardboard person, as well as the others in the next pictures, were created by another co-worker, and currently reside in our workplace.

This sewing machine seems maybe a bit dated compared to the legsed (yeah I just made that word up) TV and credenza... oh well it's still cool.

The asian origins of manufacture account for the low table, kanji, and sushi, but not necessarily for the boozed little dudes.

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