Monday, March 9, 2009


Recently I watched the movie "The Objective" online... 

**Spoiler Alert**

Seriously though, in the movie a group of dudes go into Afghanistan in 2001 under military circumstances to recover a cleric who has information - information on, what we eventually learn, Vimanas, ancient flying objects with a great deal of power, attributed to legends and not-necessarily-historical manuscripts. 

Above, a scene depicts an artist's rendition of "flying shields," what legends say Alexander the Great encountered once or twice during his conquest of the world. The first time, and more popular legend, his forces were attacked by two of these things while trying to cross the Jaxartes River, and as a result were delayed by a day in fear of the encounter. The rumored second time he encountered the shields occurred during his siege of Tyre - people like to think he was unable to penetrate the nigh-impenetrable island fortress and that these "flying shields" vaporized a section of the walls allowing him entrance, but it's a matter of historical record that he built a gigantic bridge to the island from the coast, using materials from the ruins of the coastal Tyre, constructed siege engines, and commissioned fleets of boats to finally capture the strategic naval hub, and prevent resupply of the Phoenician navy.

Anyways, in the movie, these things are antagonistic to the group of military guys and the main cia guy, encountering them a few times, vaporizing members of the team, appearing and disappearing into thin air, and are somehow mysteriously connected to the region; the movie alludes to a massacre of british troops (the 44th regiment of infantry) in 1844 (i think?), referred to as the "Hill of Bones." The guys encounter a weird ancient hermit wearing a uniform from the lost 44th regiment, and find out later that he speaks with weird ethereal ghosty bad guys with swords... The cia guy, after suffering the loss of the entire military unit assigned to him, ventures out into the desert, after discovering the hill of the "bones" legend, and discovers an oasis - and the dead leader of the military group of dudes. The desert seems to toy with him by fabricating the sound of an approaching rescue helicopter, and then making hundreds of illusions of the rescue flair that he sends up in anticipation. He collapses with frustration, and is awoken by the cleric he was sent to find - in a sort of astral crazy lighted dream sequence, except its not a dream, its real. And the guy touches his head, and he's delivered what can only be interpreted as divine knowledge (not divine like the God most of the world believes in, but divine like secrets of the universe). And that's basically the end, barring the scene where he's apparently been recovered, but is in quarantine, and under observance by a "special group in the company," FLOATING!

It should be noted that he was fooling around with one of these at various points throughout the movie:

little weird ufo bird things from South American pre-Euro-incursion civilization that look suspiciously like flight-capable modern airplanes.

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