Wednesday, March 25, 2009

some new ideas, thrifts

So, reading someone else's blog about their amazing mid-century house gave me some thoughts about my own living space, most importantly, providing me some of their ideas for storage. 

I have a vertical three-cubby shelf like this one at the bottom... after some hairpin legs and a seat pad on top a la AJ, we'll have a records bench!

Now to make an Eames recliner and rocker! Just kidding. These shelves are pretty incredible, and pretty simple too, If for some reason the ESU doesn't end up in my house, something like these will.

Saw this beauty at the thrift store yesterday, if I sewed or AJ didn't already have a sewing machine, I probably would have gotten it. That logo on the center:

Pretty snazzy. More to come soon, maybe if we clean our rooms I'll be motivated to get some living space pictures up, or maybe the pictures will be a motivation to clean my room, who knows. 

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  1. Oh, my!!! Is it still there?? How much is it??