Friday, March 13, 2009


So I realize last post had "crafts" in the title, but didn't really mention any - here's what's happened so far, along with a list of things to do:

This lamp is mostly Target bath mat, give or take a few vegetable strainers and pieces of white paper dangling from a hanging track light.. but it works pretty well. another blurry picture:

This one was pretty cool, because I didn't even have to do anything to the bath mat for it to be awesome - it's like Target made an awesome thing and shoved it in a corner. Honestly, this was one of two things that looked like they were trying to crawl out of the way.


Despite my blurry photography, you can see how cool those legs look. Another of the desk making Stanley uncomfortable:

The privacy screen in the back is just leaning there; the wood screws instrumental in securing it to the desk have been lost (probably by me), and I haven't gotten around to getting new ones yet.

Here, a little box conveys a hypothetical giveaway package of the first night of an idea that might not remain hypothetical forever - check out keep me for updates. Curious about how the box opens? or maybe what a human hand looks like?

AJ totally made these for a class she took last semester, inside the little kit are fabric swatches, small sewing tools, buttons, and informations. Speaking of AJ crafting, check this out:

Made from what I think at one point might have been part of a cutting board, or maybe a wooden base or stand, with wallpaper, a teeny balsa wood frame, an old found advertisement, and ink illustration. Pretty neat, and I've been meaning to post it somewhere sooner or later. More crafts to come, including, but not limited to:

A bed frame (queen size)
A tv stand
Storage (a big bookcase would be great, but not just for books)

Aiding me on my journey is the local hardware store where I'll be getting wood and wood tools, some very excellent hairpin legs from, and some pretty overwhelming inspiration, namingly seeing the way-too-out-of-my-league predicta remakes, and the frequently featured in Urban Outfitters crosley radios.


  1. yay! linksssssssssssssssss

  2. Very cool blog! My wife and I found it through retrorenovation and we dig it. We are 20 somethings in Oregon and we are fixing up our 50s bungalow ( ). We also have a scottish deerhound and he looks an awful lot like your sighthound except much bigger, is Stanley a whippet? Anyhow cool blog, cool dog.